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If you’ve given up the hustle and bustle of the city in exchange for some extra space between you and your neighbors, having smart home technology integrated into your lifestyle is still possible, no matter how rural the location you live in. If you live on a single acre or an entire ranch in Hallettsville, your home has unique needs that aren’t common within the city suburbs.

Whether you need to keep an eye on your livestock, maintain multiple buildings, or have a collection of expensive tools and equipment to look out for, smart home technology can greatly benefit you and your assets.


Experience a cinema in the comfort of your own home with natural color, contrast, clarity and exceptional sound coming from a screen that puts you right in the middle of a scene.


Projectors are part of a two-piece system that includes a matched screen. And finding the right projector means choosing among three different light sources and three imaging technologies, then insuring the projector has enough brightness for your environment and desired screen size—not to mention sufficient contrast and color accuracy to honor your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports. It's a lot for newbies to get their heads around.

AV receivers

Receivers are literally the brain of a home theatre system. They connect all of the components of your home theatre, seamlessly integrate them, and simplify the process to enjoy music or movies at home. With the sheer number of options and technical specifications, the process of purchasing a new AV receiver can be an overwhelming prospect.


A/V processors or preamplifiers are designed to centralize all your audio and video sources. They process, decode and pre-amplify the audio signals and send them to one or more power amplifiers. There are many advantages to using an A/V processor as opposed to an integrated A/V receiver (a receiver with an integrated preamplifier), including greater flexibility, more supported channels, and less chance of interference for optimal sound quality.


A home theater amplifier (also known as an audio-visual receiver or simply an AVR) is a powerful piece of kit that combines amplifiers and digital signal processors to convert output from a range of source devices into high quality sound and video. In short, it is the hub of a home theater set up.

Despite the popularity of compact soundbars, many of which produce simulated surround sound, the AV receiver is still preferred by many home theater owners.


There are a lot of things to consider when choosing speakers for your home theater. First, how big of a space do you have? Second, what else will you be using the room for? Perhaps the biggest consideration, where will your speakers sound the best? Do you choose compact speakers that are easier to hide or standing speakers that offer a movie theater experience?

Home Entertainment Projects

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Benefits of Smart Home Automation in Hallettsville

In a rural setting, smart home technology can impact your life greatly by improving areas of safety and adding an overall convenience factor to your home and lifestyle spread over multiple acres, whereas once before, there was none. Challenges that a homeowner may face in the country might include:

  • Being distanced from emergency services. If you live further away from the city, you’re further away from services like ambulances or fire trucks.
  • Predators. If you own livestock, predators will find them. Your livelihood is better off when you are aware of your surroundings and alerted of the unexpected.
  • Trespassers. Sometimes it’s not always feasible to fence your property. That’s what you moved away from the city for. Being in the wide open should be a luxury, but a safe one.
  • Lack of neighbors. Living in the country may mean that your sense of community has decreased, and this is true. You won’t have extra eyes to scour your property when you’re away if you live in a rural setting.

If you’re looking for security and convenience all in one, let AV Interiors help provide you with these once-only urban conveniences!

Smart Home Automation, Made Easy

Looking for an easy and affordable way to program your devices and appliances together so that you have seamless control over your home? Start and finish your next project with AV Interiors. Lighting and simple appliance technology have been around for quite some time. Still, they have improved tremendously within the last decade, allowing full functionality and control of your home to become a reality. Our areas of expertise in smart home automation include Audio, Video, Motorized Shades, Indoor/Outdoor Lighting, Home Theater, and Security Systems.

Safety With AV Interiors

With AV Interiors and smart home automation technology, we guarantee to provide you with a heightened sense of safety and security you maybe didn’t have before. Our security installments can help help you when you need it and monitor your home while you’re away.

When you pair AV Interiors with today’s technology, there’s not much we can’t do for your smart home! Because smart home technology will continue to develop, this means that the world’s largest tech companies and innovators are now in a competition to outdo the other. As competition increases, prices will decrease, making it easier to automate your home and increase your security, all while remaining within your budget. Whether you’re interested in commercial AV systems, multi-room audio, system integration, lighting control, or something else, contact us today to get started! Let us show you what smart home technology can do for you.

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