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Curious to learn more about how today’s home automation technologies can enhance your home or business? Visit our Experience Center to demo live systems! If you’re already considering the logistics within your home, we can meet you there and walk you through every area you’re wanting to update. After a complete evaluation of the products and features that you prefer, we will then complete a system proposal tailored to your exact needs and budget.
After our initial meeting and consultation, you can expect a comprehensive design plan which meets all of your objectives. The detailed proposal will break down wiring of equipment, control device locations, user interfaces, power management, and integration of unique architectural elements and engineering requirements. We are happy to collaborate with your home builder, architect, interior designer or contractor, or any subcontractor so that your detailed plan comes to life as accurately as possible.
Prior to drywall installation during a new build, our team will run wiring to support all systems that are being installed later. Wiring is never seen as a part of the finished product but is obviously critical to the reliability of your systems and needs to be done with quality materials. If your home is under renovation, or you are requiring the addition of systems you’ve not had before, we can find creative and cost-effective ways to accomplish what is needed while ensuring nothing remains visible to you. After the wiring is completed, we’ll install the equipment and be there to ensure it all comes together, the right way…the best way…the AV Interiors way.
Once wiring has been completed, we want to make sure that your system comes together completely. Whether we’re mounting your OLED TV or programming a control system remote, we take pride in seeing each system we sell come together.
This is the really fun part! After installation has been completed, we will demonstrate your system’s capabilities and educate you and your family on how to use your new system. We can visit your home in person as needed for the first 6 months after installation, and we also provide annual complimentary in-home customer support visits to check out any issues and to refresh optimal settings and calibrations.

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